7 Alternatives to Google Moderator

Juraj Holub

Did you use Google Moderator for crowdsourcing employee questions for your all-hands meetings? Or did you use it to collect the best ideas for your projects?

Since Google shut down this project in 2015, we scoured the web to come up with the list of alternative solutions.

Here are some tools that cover a wide range of use cases.

Alternatives for live meetings


Enabling people to voice their questions is the reason why we exist. Slido allows you to collect employee questions for your all-hands meetings or leadership Q&A. You can crowdsource questions live in the room or in advance. Your team members are able to ask questions anonymously or with their name. In addition to that, Slido also allows you to create live polls (multiple choice, rating, word-cloud) and collect team insights and feedback.


Slack took the market by storm. Many internal communications professionals are using dedicated channels to collect employee questions for their leadership meetings.


PollEverywhere focuses primarily on live polling. You can pre-build a poll with options and have the team members send in their votes to gain an umbrella view on the topic. Alternatively, people can submit their ideas in a free text poll and then form a word cloud.

Alternatives for discussion systems


The slogan “The front page of the Internet” says it all. For many, Reddit has become the centre of the Internet. Community members can submit their content, such as text posts or direct links and vote up the most popular topics and comments. Not only can you easily follow what’s hot, you can also get a valuable feedback to your own content posts.


This is the place where you get your questions answered. There is probably not a better discussion platform than Quora in terms of high-quality comments and vivid community engagement. The site management administers discussions attentively to keep the spammers away and deliver a positive experience.

Alternatives for collecting customer feedback


UserVoice is the holistic solution for handling customer communication. The tool allows you to get actionable feedback from your customers, deal with potential issues and respond to their questions. You can collect a list of suggestions for improvements including new features as well as bug fixes. By allowing the site visitors to vote, you get useful feedback on which new features are most wanted.

Get Satisfaction

Get Satisfaction concentrates on creating customer communities and allowing them to suggest and discuss topics related to your product. Focusing on the implementation of discussion results, The Get Satisfaction integrates with popular CRM systems, helpdesk systems and project management applications so you can turn customers’ ideas into tangible outcomes.


How did you use Google Moderator? What solution do you plan to replace it with? Please share your thoughts with us.

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