Guide: 25 Tips to Engage Your Team at All-Hands Meetings

Katy Mrvova

Giving your team a voice is one of the main reasons why a regular all-hands meeting should be run. Still, for many employees, it is just another meeting to sit through.

So, how do you organize an all-hands meeting that your team members will actually look forward to?

We have put together for you this easily digestible, easy-to-read guide, that collects 25 actionable tips on how to organize more engaging all-hands meetings in your company.

Download the guide as a PDF here

They’re all tried and tested, either by us or by leaders in the industry.

Here are the topics you will find in the guide:

1. Boosting engagement in the room

An all-hands meeting is a space where your employees have the chance to express themselves and have a direct, face-to-face conversation with their leaders. For this to happen, it has to provide them with enough opportunities for engagement and personal interaction.

The first chapter of this guidebook contains a handful of simple tricks on how to engage and energize your team at all-hands by celebrating and acknowledging their professional and personal highlights.

2. Engaging remote teams

If your team is spread across the world, an all-hands meeting is a perfect opportunity to engage your remote colleagues and make them feel part of the team. Sometimes, this can be a real challenge.

In the second part of this guide, we have collected some useful tips on tools and facilitation techniques that will help you actively engage your remote team members. Find out how to make it easier for them to participate and help them make the most out of every all-hands meeting.

3. Hosting better Q&A sessions

A good Q&A is probably the most important part of an all-hands meeting. Whether on-site or online, your employees will surely want to ask questions and raise their concerns.

In the last chapter of the guide, you will find tricks to better handle the entire Q&A flow, improve the level of transparency in your company and make sure important issues get discussed.

So, here are our top 25 tips to engage your employees at your next all-hands meeting. View them in a slideshow below or download them as a practical guidebook. We hope you will find them inspiring and instructive.

Download the guide as a PDF here

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