7 Ways You Can Use Slido Image Polls During Your Meetings

Katy Mrvova
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If you’ve ever used polls during your company meeting or team meeting, you surely know of their power.

In an instant, you can engage your colleagues in a conversation, or collect priceless insights from them.

Now, here’s another ace up your sleeve: Image polls.

Simply upload an image to your poll and create a whole new experience for your team.

We’re visual beings, after all. Take advantage of it!

In this article, we’ll show you how to create and display image polls, plus we’ll share 7 practical ideas on how you can use image polls during your meetings.

Let’s get started.

How to create and display image polls

Creating an image poll is as simple as it gets. Just upload a picture to any regular Slido poll and hit save.

In this video, my colleague Zuzana will guide you through it in less than a minute:

Once you’re ready to run your poll, display it in full screen and encourage your audience to vote.

Tip: Keep the poll results hidden while your teammates send in their votes. Only once you’re ready to display the voting results on screen, hit ‘Show results’.

You can manage your image polls easily via the handy control panel:

Simple, right?

Now, let’s put it into practice:

7 ways to use image polls during your meeting

Image polls are great for breaking the ice, capturing or re-engaging your team, or collecting their opinions.

For your inspiration, here are 7 creative examples of how you can make the most out of image polls during your meetings.

#1: Break the ice at the start

An image poll makes for a great icebreaker activity that will help you kick off your meeting on a positive note and enjoy a bit of socializing.

For example, you can use an old team photo, and ask your colleagues to remember where or when the picture was taken.

We used a multiple choice poll in this example, but feel free to get creative here with any other types of polls.

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#2: Get a pulse check from your team

You can also use image polls for taking a pulse check of how your teammates are doing or how they feel.

Simply pick an image with multiple ‘mood options’, where your colleagues choose one with which they identify.

This is especially handy in a virtual setting – it will give you a great insight into the overall atmosphere in the team and allow you to act upon it.

Facilitation tip: After your team has voted, review the results and build up a discussion around them. You can call on someone to share their thoughts or run another poll where you ask your team to share their highlights or struggles of the past week/month.

#3: Involve everyone in the decision-making

Image polls can also help you with collective decision-making. Imagine you’re at a meeting and need to decide which design proposal you will go with or what gift your company will be sending to your business partners.

Just upload a picture with the considered options to a multiple choice poll and let your team vote for the one they prefer.

Besides streamlining the whole decision-making process, you’ll also give everyone on your team an equal opportunity to express their opinion. Way to go!

#4: Get the buy-in from your team

Knowing what your team thinks and getting their buy-in is invaluable, but not always easy to acquire – especially in an online environment.

You can leverage image polls here too. Just upload a design proposal, a new visual, or a work-in-progress into a rating poll, and let your team express what they think.

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#5: Introduce newbies in a new way

Give your newbies a special shout-out at your all-company meeting and introduce them to the rest of the team in a different way.

Ask your new members to share a photo of themselves in their favorite place, or doing their favorite activity, and let the other colleagues guess away.

After revealing the results, you can also ask your newbies to share a story behind the picture. It’s a great way to make the new members of your team feel included in the community from the start.

#6: Fire up your team’s creativity

Use image polls for running a short creative exercise. For instance, a game of associations can energize your team and engage them in a creative thinking process.

Choose a picture that illustrates a familiar thing, a social phenomenon, or a problem your team or company faces. Display the image to your team and let them submit the first thing that comes to their minds into a word cloud poll.

You’ll get priceless insights and learn a lot about how your team thinks about certain issues.

#7: Lighten the mood with an image quiz

Engage your colleagues with a picture quiz. The possibilities are endless here: famous paintings, capitals of the world, landmarks, country flags, brand logos, movies…

You can make an image quiz of practically anything that suits the occasion or the topic of your meeting.

Keep in mind that a quiz is most powerful when well facilitated.

So, if you decide to run a quiz during your company meeting, rehearse it well and tune it up. In this guide, you’ll find 13 great tips for pulling off a successful online quiz.

Did these examples inspire you? Try image polls during your next meeting!

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