Introducing Ideas: A Powerful Tool for Effective Brainstorming

Martina Cicakova
Slido ideas brainstorming tool

Following months of developing and testing, we are thrilled to introduce Ideas, the third main Slido feature to help you make your brainstorming sessions easier and more productive. 

Ideas allow you to capture people’s thoughts on a given topic, curate the most popular ones by voting and display them on a screen. People can submit ideas anonymously or put their names down. You can download and share the collected data instantly.

To see how it works, check out this video:

Run effective brainstorming sessions

Whether you want to solve a problem, generate a list of fresh ideas or summarize learnings during your event, this tool will help you gather views in a few simple steps.

To give people time to think and run the session effectively, start collecting input before your meeting. Or get people to submit ideas in a live session to boost interaction.

To take it a step further, allow people to reply to each other’s ideas to stimulate conversation.

Review and curate the ideas together

With Ideas, you can uncover the most popular suggestions by letting people upvote or downvote their favorite ones. When you present them on a screen, the most voted submissions will be displayed on the top.

Collect ideas during your learning session

Work with the captured data

Once you’ve collected all the data you needed, you can download it in easy-to-analyze XLS files or access it online anytime. You’ll find all the submitted ideas in one sheet.

Tip: If you’re using multiple rooms, each room can export to its own separate sheet.  

Export the data you collected

3 ways to use Ideas with your team

To give you some inspiration, we collated the most popular use cases after some months of testing the feature with some of our clients. Here are the three most popular ways to use Ideas during team meetings:

Define and set priorities

Ask people to submit their thoughts and vote on what should be the company’s next priority or what your meeting or event should cover. It will help you ensure that no important issue is forgotten.

Topic suggestions:
What do you think our main focus should be in the next quarter?
Which topics do you want to discuss during the all-hands meeting?

Uncover your team’s challenges

Get your colleagues to reflect on how they work and send in the most burning challenges or roadblocks they face. Review them together, work on solutions and keep track of the progress.

Topic suggestions:
Is there anything that made your job difficult in the past week?
What was the biggest roadblock our team faced in the last month?

Collect suggestions for improvement

Crowdsource ideas on how to improve your product, workspace or team dynamics. Go through the collected suggestions together with your colleagues and decide on how to put them into practice.

Topic suggestions:
What can we do better to work more effectively as a team?
What would you change to improve communication in the team?

How to switch on the Ideas feature

If we’ve caught your attention and you want to try Ideas, you can turn it on in your Event settings. Here is how you can do it:

Switch on Slido Ideas in your settings

In case you haven’t got an account yet, you can create it here.

If you’re ready to try Ideas, here are 5 steps to start brainstorming with Slido:

1. Switch on the Ideas feature in your event settings
2. Create and activate a topic
3. Share the event code or a direct link to your session
4. Let people submit and upvote ideas
5. Display the top ideas on a screen

We always want to improve where we can to give our customers an outstanding experience. If you have any questions or feedback to share, please contact us at We’d love to hear from you.

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