The Moments That Made Our Year

Dasa Kasparova

2019 whizzed by so fast. Yet, it was marked by plenty of exciting updates within our team and product.

At Slido, 2019 was a year of the new brand, Quizzes (yay!), lots of improvements to our Q&A feature and integrations, and expanding both as a team and a business.

But before zooming in on our key moments, let us say a huge thank you to all of our customers, colleagues, partners, and friends for your incredible trust and support. We wouldn’t have been able to do all this without you.

Pull up a chair and let’s look at our highlights together.

Growing up

We had some growing up to do this year. Gradually, we started working with more and more established clients and we knew we could no longer get away with a startup look. It was time to dress up.

So in October, we said goodbye to the dot in our logo and introduced our refreshed brand. It came with a new logo, custom font, and redesigned website. And we’re (in)definitely in love.

Strengthening the team

It wasn’t just the Slido brand that grew. It was our team, too. Continuing the trend from the previous years, 45 awesome people joined our ranks to help you run better meetings. There are now over 150 of us and we’re still looking for a few new teammates.

Enhancing the product

Whatever we do, we make it our mission to make Slido even easier to use, while also giving you more power to customize it. That’s why we released a couple of key features that will help you do that:

To read up on the latest product updates, check out our December product recap.

Interacting with 12 million attendees

It was rewarding to see the interaction numbers grow, too. Slido powered over 225,000 events around the globe, almost 80% more than last year.

12 million participants used Slido in 2019, which is as much as engaging the whole of the cities of New York and Los Angeles combined. They sent over 6M questions and 18M poll votes. And we’re nowhere near the finish line.

Working with the giants

We were honored to continue some amazing collaborations with conference giants again this year. And start some new ones as well.

In total, we helped power audience interaction at 55 partner events, including Web Summit, IMEX, WOBI, Slush, SXSW EDU and Collision.

Meeting the community

Apart from collaborating with big conference players, we also ran our own meetups and masterclasses. We met with internal communications experts from renowned companies like Slack, Spotify, Zoom and Flexport and brought their insights to our customers in casual fireside chats.

You can pick their brains, too, through the interviews we publish on our blog.

Learning to say こんにちは [Konichiwa]

Our interaction platform has been gaining more popularity in Japan lately, so we decided to double down our presence there. We partnered up with our first local ambassador NESIC and launched our homepage in Japanese.

We’re also hiring for two new roles who’ll help us build the community in Japan and take care of our growing base of customers.

Lending a helping hand via 50k+ conversations

On any given weekday and in any time zone, we were always only one click away. Our Customer Care team handled more than 50,000 chats, emails, and calls to help our customers succeed and find answers to their questions.

Sharing our customers’ stories

We love talking to our customers and hearing how they approach their challenges with Slido. After months of careful curation, we were thrilled to release a completely new page dedicated to the stories of our customers.

Read how Slido helped them engage their audiences, energize their events and change their company culture.

Extending our families

This year was extremely fruitful for family celebrations. 14 of our teammates got married during the year, two of them to each other!

Moreover, the same number of Slido folks welcomed a tiny new member to their families. We can’t wait to see these bundles of joy around.

Conquering together

We had some fun (and sweat) together as well. Apart from dozens of team buildings, trips, and team offsites, we also put our passion for running to the test and took part in the ultimate relay race The Run.

15 of our team members split up 524 km of our home country Slovakia among themselves and ran for two days and two hours nonstop to accomplish one of the craziest rides of their running lives.

Slido team picture after the relay race.

But these weren’t the only medals we took home.

At the Internal Communications and Engagement Awards 2019 in London, we secured gold for ‘Best Ongoing Commitment to Internal Communications.’ We’re honored to be recognized for our approach to comms and culture and we’ll continue to work on creative strategies to engage our employees.

And that’s a wrap. We hope you enjoyed this look-back and we can’t wait to meet you at better meetings in 2020.

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