How to Use Slido With Zoom Meetings

Katy Mrvova
how to use slido for zoom meetings
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Is Zoom Meetings your weapon of choice for running online meetings?

And are you looking for ways to make them more interactive and engaging for your teammates? Then you’ve landed in the right place.

In this guide, we’re going to zoom in on how you can use Slido’s live polls, quizzes, and Q&A during your Zoom Meetings, and keep your teammates positively engaged.

1. Share your screen

Using Slido with Zoom Meetings is as easy as it gets.

Whenever you want your team to vote in a poll, participate in a quiz, or display their questions on screen, just open Slido in fullscreen and start sharing your screen.

It will look like this:

online meetings tools slido

You can manage polls, quizzes, and Q&A from a handy control panel in the lower part of your screen.

Do you also have slides (or any other content) that you plan on sharing with your team during your Zoom meeting?

No problem. Just have your slide deck opened in full screen in a separate window, and switch between it and Slido using either Alt+Tab or Swipe on Mac.

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2. Integrate Slido with Google Slides or PowerPoint

Great news – you can also integrate Slido directly into your Google Slides or PowerPoint slide deck!

Our integrations allow you to create a poll or a quiz as you work on your slides and insert it directly into your presentation flow as a separate slide.

Once you’re at a Zoom meeting, just share your screen with your presentation and run live polls, quizzes, and Q&A seamlessly as you present, without having to switch between screens or leave your slide deck.

Smooth, isn’t it?

Learn more about our Google Slides integration here and PowerPoint integration here.

3. Use Switcher to switch between Slido and your content

There’s another simple way to switch between Slido and your slides: Using our free app Switcher.

Switcher will turn your smartphone into a remote control, through which you will be able to control your screen and switch seamlessly between your Slido screen and your presentation screen. Through your phone, you can also activate polls, quizzes, and manage questions.

Learn more about Switcher here.

Over to you

We hope that this article has made you feel confident about using Slido during your Zoom meeting. It’s a ridiculously simple and effective way to keep your team engaged during your online meetings and make them actively participate throughout.

If you’re looking for inspiration for engaging activities that you can do with your team during your meetings, see this article.

And don’t forget that our team is here for you 24/5 if you need any help with setting up Slido for your online all-hands or team meeting. Just contact us anytime or schedule a demo below.

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