7 Reasons to Use Slido at Your Company Meetings

Katy Mrvova
company meeting with slido

Eleven million. That’s the average number of meetings held daily throughout the US alone. 

Yes, we meet a lot. 

But how do we make sure these meetings are productive and worthwhile? 

Rule number one. Create enough interaction and involve your employees in the discussion so they don’t get the chance to daydream or, worse, get bored. 

Rule number two. Repeat rule number one at will.

We’ve got your back there. With Slido, you’re easily able to build interaction throughout all your company gatherings and make them more engaging, productive, and fun for your employees. 

You can use Slido at:

  • All Hands Meetings & Town Halls
    Large meetings such as all-hands and town halls can get overwhelming, and easily lead your employees’ attention astray. Crowdsource questions before and during the meeting to power your Q&A and actively engage your audience with live polling.
  • Internal Training & Workshops
    Make your training sessions more interactive and improve your team’s learning. Use live polls to break the ice at the start, or to check how your participants are keeping up with the content of your training.
  • Staff Meetings & Remote Meetings
    Use up the time of your meetings effectively. Run better brainstorming sessions by collecting ideas from your employees in real time and create an active discussion with your remote team members at the virtual meetings.

Try Slido at Your Meeting

Here are 7 main benefits of using Slido at your company meetings:

1. Find out what your employees really think

Think of how many questions run around your employees’ minds, locked away behind fear or lack of confidence. So, instead of passing the mic around, allow your staff to post their questions through a Q&A tool, either anonymously or with their names.

Not only will this get you far more questions, but you will also be able to discover the most burning issues and recurring themes, and act upon them.

Slido quote of Jessica from TTC

2. Actively engage your team during meetings

If the majority of your employees just passively listen to what the speaker says, the chances are that their attention will be on the wane quite soon. Used well, live polls are amazing tools to keep your employees awake and actively participating.

You can use them to break the ice at the beginning of your session, get immediate feedback on your strategy, check your teammates’ knowledge, or engage them with a little quiz. For your inspiration, here are some fun poll questions for your team meetings that you can steal.

3. Collect insights and ideas from your employees

There’s nothing like a quality team brainstorming before a season or a quarter. On your next one, replace post-its with a more effective solution.

Let your employees post their ideas on any given topic directly into Slido, curate them by letting your team upvote the most popular ones, and display them on a screen to fire up a discussion. See how you can make your brainstorming more effective with Slido Ideas.

Slido quote of Norito from Suntory

4. Make your remote workers feel included

By using Slido at your virtual meetings, you can smoothly bring your remote colleagues into the conversation.

They are able to post questions at any time and actively participate in live polls throughout the meeting. It’s an easy way for you to allow your online colleagues to express what’s on their minds and enhance their sense of belonging.

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5. Improve your workplace with employee feedback

A sure way to keep your meetings productive and worthwhile is by collecting feedback from your employees. Regular feedback will help you learn what your colleagues find valuable and uncover areas for improvement.

You can create a feedback survey in Slido as quick as a flash. Combine a rating poll for a quick assessment, and open text polls for more elaborate comments from your team.

6. Build trust with your employees

Boosting your employees’ engagement has a very positive side-effect: more openness and honesty in your workplace. Slido helps democratize your Q&A by allowing everyone, shy or vocal, to join the conversation.

Giving your employees the freedom to ask anonymously, vote for what they like, or express their opinions, builds trust and, by and large, improves the health of your company culture.

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7. Integrate Slido with the tools you already use

You can make Slido part of your existing workflow with our smart integrations. If you use Google Slides to make your slide decks, our Slido x Google Slides integration allows you to insert Slido polls, quizzes, and Q&A  directly into your GS presentation.

If PowerPoint is your weapon of choice, we have good news! We recently introduced Slido for PowerPoint and Slido for Microsoft Teams. With these integrations, you can engage your teammates seamlessly as you present.

In case you’re using Prezi or Keynote, you can switch between Slido and your presentation using Switcher.

Learn more about our integrations here.

Plus, Slido has got your back at every step of your journey.

We’re there for you 24/5 via live chat, calls, or emails. You can count on our dedicated account managers and personalized onboarding specialists to support you, answer all your questions, and provide training to maximize the value of your meetings.

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