5 Reasons to Use Slido at Your Event

Juraj Holub

How to make an event truly memorable? That’s the question that runs through every event organizer’s mind every now and then.

Granted, there are many variables at play.

But there’s one thing event attendees love above all: interaction. Being actively involved in the agenda, having an opportunity to join the discussion.

At Slido, nothing makes us happier than helping our clients make their events more interactive.

Some of them were kind enough to share their success stories with us. See these 5 main reasons why they enjoyed using Slido at their events and get some inspiration for your next one.

Try Slido at Your Event

1. Give a voice to everyone

Did you know that 74% of your delegates are scared of public speaking? That leaves three-quarters of your audience out of a conversation. With Slido’s live Q&A, you can involve everyone in a dialogue regardless of how good they are at public speaking, plus you’ll avoid that awkward ‘no questions’ silence.

Give a voice to everyone with Slido

2. Increase audience interaction

Interaction means being a part of a conversation. By crowdsourcing top audience questions, you can create an engaging and relevant conversation between your audience and your presenters. As a result, audience engagement at your event will go through the roof.

Increase audience interaction with Slido

3. Maximize the quality of the discussion time

People want to ask specific questions. But only a few questions are relevant to everybody in the audience. With Slido, your delegates are able to upvote the questions they find the most relevant for a given session. This way you can maximize the effectiveness of the often limited Q&A time.

Make discussions relevant with Slido

4. Capture audience interaction data

Imagine how many great questions were lost forever the moment they were asked? The same goes for the show of hands. The moment attendees’ hands go down, all “data” is gone. With Slido, all questions, as well as poll results, are captured in Slido Analytics, ready for download and analysis.

Capture interaction data with Slido

 5. Integrate tech into your event easily

We built Slido with simplicity in mind. Event organizers can create an event in less than a minute and delegates need just one code to join a conversation. Slido is all web-based so there is no need to download or install anything. Plus, you can easily integrate Slido with event apps, live video or your Google Slides presentation.

And… we have your back with our exceptional customer service

We know that event planning can be stressful. Very stressful. That’s why we’re there for you with our real-time chat and proactive monitoring. To help you organize the best possible event, we are ready to share some of the best interaction practices that we picked along the way of working with 250K+ events.

Slido team helps you organize a successful event

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