From Vidcast to Loom and Claap, the 5 Top Asynchronous Video Tools

Rosie Gizauskas
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Organizations are entering an era that’s not just about where employees get their work done, but when they do it.

As we recently wrote about on the Slido blog, the future of successful companies is asynchronous – and that includes video tools. 

With 90% of workers wanting flexibility in their schedules, it’s important that businesses lean into this. 

Getting communication right is key when embracing the world of asynchronous – or async – working.

At Slido, we’ve learned that async video tools can save a lot of time, offer flexibility and help to cut down on meetings. In fact, pre-recorded videos can be just as effective as a live meeting or announcement.

The 2022 Slido Brand Tracker showed that 65% of enterprise meeting organizers would prefer a short video update from their CEO, rather than an email with the same information in it. 

In this article, we take a look at the top five video tools for asynchronous communication on the market. 

#1. Vidcast

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The newest asynchronous video tool out there, Vidcast enables enterprises to communicate effectively, share updates and make meetings more efficient, while maintaining a personal approach. 

With Vidcast, you can record your screen as a video, with your face and voice, which you can then share with your co-workers. It ensures clear communications, while ultimately saving your employees time. 

Vidcast was developed by Cisco, so it has advanced security features, which go on the principle, ‘Make it secure by design, private by default’. 

Fresh in design, modern and fun to use, it’s also available for free, with an unlimited number of videos per creator, up to 15 minutes in length per video. 

We are currently working on a Vidcast integration with Slido. Stay tuned for more update. 

#2. Loom

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Loom is one of the best-known async video tools, allowing you to record yourself, your screen, or both at the same time, before sharing it. 

Universal in its marketing, Loom is designed for a more general audience. Simple to use, it allows users to edit and customize their videos, and it also integrates with a lot of popular tools, including Zoom, Slack and Notion.

It’s available for free, but there’s a limit to 25 videos per creator, while the length of the videos is capped at five minutes maximum. 

#3. CloudApp

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CloudApp is video tool aimed at a more general market. After recording, you can add annotations to your video as well as GIFs and emojis, focusing on the more visual aspects of communication. 

You can also save your video as a loopable GIF to share. 

From all the tools on offer, CloudApp’s free license is the most limited, letting users record videos of one minute and 30 seconds maximum, with the number of videos allowed per user limited to 25. 

#4. Claap

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Claap is optimized to streamline processes for people working in creative industries. A huge benefit to Claap is that it lets users comment and interact on recorded videos, including voting on them with polls.  

This allows them to vote, feedback and align on decisions, all in one handy place. 

As Claapp is quite a new tool, there are some limitations to features, for example that you can’t edit your recordings. You’ll get a free 15 minutes of recording, limited by 5GB of cloud storage capacity. 

#5. Vidyard

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Vidyard was developed as a solution specifically for sales and marketing teams to make pitches for clients a breeze. 

There are lots of integrations available to make the sales process better, with tools such as Salesforce or HubSpot. 

You’ll get to record 25 videos for free, but they are allowed to be up to 30 minutes in length. 

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