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We’re excited to announce that as of today, we’re officially rolling out Slido’s integration with Webex Meetings.

From now on, you can interact with your audience using Slido’s live polling, quizzes, and Q&A feature right within your Webex Meetings.

With Slido for Webex, you’ll be able to run more inclusive meetings and build more meaningful connections with your team during your meetings. It has never been easier!

How does Slido for Webex work?

With Slido for Webex, you will be able to interact with your audience in real-time via polls, quizzes, and Q&A without having to switch devices – everything happens in Webex.

To use it, first, make sure that Slido is approved and enabled in Webex by your system administrator.

Once you have Slido successfully enabled, schedule a meeting.

You may now start creating your polls and quizzes within your Webex meeting – just click the Slido icon in the right-hand side panel under ‘Apps’.

Watch this video to see in more detail how Slido for Webex works.

How to Use Slido Integrated in Webex | TUTORIAL

What Slido brings to Webex Meetings

Slido in Webex provides you with a powerful package of interaction features:

Live polls
Choose from 6 types of polls to collect data and insights from your audience in real-time. Your participants can vote in polls or share their verbal feedback right within their Webex window.

Audience Q&A
Give everyone a safe space to ask questions and run more inclusive Q&A sessions. Your audience will be able to post and upvote questions using the Q&A panel.

Create a full quiz experience for your audience with a leaderboard, scores, and timer. Enjoy some social time with a trivia quiz or test your participants’ knowledge in an interactive way.

What can you do with Slido for Webex?

If you’re running meetings, trainings, or events on Webex, Slido for Webex will make your life easier. You’ll be able to:

Interact with your participants at scale
It doesn’t matter if you have 10, 100, or 1,000 people on the Webex Meetings call. Run a poll and ask everyone what they think or how they feel.

Collect the best ideas from your team
Give everyone a chance to share their ideas, even the less vocal ones. An open text poll will allow you to collect ideas from everyone equally – just ask them to type their ideas into Slido.

Break the ice
Need a little activity to loosen people up at the start of your meeting? Kick off a friendly discussion by running a short “would you rather” poll question or fire up a nice word cloud.

Make more democratic decisions
Democratize your meetings. A multiple choice poll or a ranking poll will allow you to give everyone on your team a chance to express their opinion or preference.

a ranking poll run via slido's integration with Webex
Your participants will be able to vote in polls, participate in a quiz, and ask questions directly within their Webex Meeting via a handy interaction panel on their right-hand side.

Run more open Q&A sessions
Give your team members and trainees a safe space to ask questions. Tell them to post their questions or concerns into Slido and run more organized and transparent Q&A sessions.

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Ready to get started with Slido for Webex?

If you don’t see Slido in your Webex panel, ask your workspace admin to enable Slido for your Webex Meetings.

Once they do so, you will see the Slido icon in the Apps button. Click it, and a Slido dashboard will appear on your right-hand side.

We wish that Slido brings many meaningful interactions to your meetings.

Do you have any questions about Slido’s integration with Webex? Go ahead and contact us and we’ll be happy to help you. To learn more about Slido for Webex, click below.

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