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We're introducing Slido for Education - a package for educators to power up interaction during their lectures and virtual classes.

Peter Komornik
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Today we are launching Slido for Education, a package of integrations and features tailored specifically to the needs of lecturers.

The aim of Slido for Education is to help lecturers stay connected with their students by powering two-way interactions during their virtual or live classes.


We planned to announce our new offering at SXSW EDU this week and we are very sorry that such a great event had to be canceled last minute due to COVID-19.

Many schools are facing similar challenges now, being forced to cancel classes or move them online.

We hope Slido for Education will help teachers maintain the connection with their students and deliver engaging lectures despite the challenging circumstances.

This is an important milestone for us, as our very own story began in academia.

Coming full circle: From university back to university

Eight years ago, we started Slido with a simple idea – to help lecturers improve their classes by collecting instant feedback from their students.

We took this idea to Startup Weekend, where we met with our co-founders, built the first prototype, and actually won.

Soon, we realized that the potential could go way beyond just collecting ratings on the classes.

We decided to try our luck and start a company.

Over the years, Slido has been used at hundreds of thousands of events and conferences. Later on, it was adopted by numerous world-class companies for their company meetings.

Meanwhile, there has always been a group of educators who have passionately used Slido in their classrooms. Yet we felt the product was not fully optimized for their needs.

After eight years in the world of events and corporate meetings, we feel obliged to bring our focus back to higher education.

We would like to introduce Slido for Education – a package that includes integrations with PowerPoint, Google Slides, Zoom Video Webinar, and improved Slido Quizzes.

Here is a closer look at the features.

Package Breakdown

Integration with Microsoft PowerPoint

The integration with Microsoft PowerPoint has become our most requested feature of all time. We’re excited that we can make it available to all education users ahead of the general launch. From now on, the lecturers are able to create polls, run quizzes, and audience Q&A right within their PowerPoint presentation and display them without ever leaving their slides.
slido for education powerpoint integration

Learn more here:

Integration with Zoom Video Webinar

Running a virtual class requires handling a number of tools at once. Our integration with Zoom Video Webinar helps lecturers stream their lectures using Zoom’s webinar feature and engage students with Slido from one place. Reducing friction, it allows lecturers to fully focus on the delivery and engagement with students. Released in private beta.
slido for education zoom video webinars integration

Integration with Google Slides

Since its launch in late 2019, Slido for Google slides has been used at over 5,000 presentations and lectures at some of the world’s leading universities. We have improved the integration and added a new collaboration option that enables lecturers to invite multiple users to manage Slido within one presentation.
slido for education google slides integration

Learn more here:

Improved Slido Quizzes

Right after the introduction at Web Summit last year, Quizzes have become an instant hit for many lecturers and presenters. Here, too, we introduced a number of improvements such as a quiz question generator that suggests a random question and makes creating a quiz a piece of cake.

Learn more here:

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