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Katy Mrvova
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Digitization has disrupted the traditional lecture. Our students have smartphones, they can watch lectures on YouTube, sign up for online classes…

Does it even make sense to keep on giving lectures live?

It does. But we need to say goodbye to a one-way information broadcast.

In the classroom, we have to empower students to take on an active role in their learning.

How can you do that?

Instead of talking at your students for an hour (or more!), let them actively interact with your content. Give them the opportunity to ask questions, have discussions, share ideas. 

In this short ebook, you’ll learn how to create two-way conversations during your lectures and actively engage your students by means of live polling and simple facilitation techniques.

So get yourself comfortable and let’s take your lectures into a brighter future together.

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What you’ll find in the book

In eleven minutes of reading, you will dive into the techniques of conversational presenting, and explore ways of using live polls to actively engage your students in a conversation.

You will learn how to:

1. Choose the right type of polls

There are various poll types you can use for a different type of interaction with your students. Find out how to make the most out of each one.

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2. Prepare interaction points in your presentation

You don’t have to start from scratch in order to make your lecture more conversational. Learn how to turn parts of your existing presentation into interactive activities.

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    3. Facilitate the use of polls during your lecture

    Inserting interactive activities into your presentation doesn’t hit the mark if you don’t facilitate them properly. Pick up some easy tips on how to effectively work with live polls in order to create an interactive environment in your class.

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    4. Technically integrate live polls to your presentation

    We’re also going to briefly run you through the tech setup. Depending on the presentation platform you use, you can either integrate live polls with your slide deck directly or seamlessly switch between your slides and your presentation.

    And plenty more…

    Download this concise ebook and arm yourself with priceless tips on how to give lectures that your students will love!

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